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Harr Harr Sabz / ہرہڑ سبز

Harr Harr Sabz / ہرہڑ سبز

مختلف نام:سنسکرت میں ہریتکی،بال ہریتکی-ہربٹکی-مرہٹی ہرتکی،بال ہرڑی-گجراتی ہرڑے،ہمج-تامل گڑکے-ہندی ہڑ-سندھی ہریر-عربی ہلیلج اور انگریزی میں  کہتے ہیں۔

(Chebulic Myrobalan)

From 62.4

Due to immense medical and shifting benefits, it has the status of a pinch. In the northern subcontinent, its tree is found common. In Afghanistan also, the tree of a tree is often found.
The secret to strengthening white hair black and black hair
Every tree is a tree and Masha Allah, it is also inside our country Pakistan. Respected teacher Hakim Maulana Abdullah Shaheed (R.A.), who was one of the rulers of Afghanistan, used to say, in a country where this tree is there, there is no disease left for a person. According to research and experiments, get the benefits of heart and those who are benefited, pray for my knowledge and action.


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